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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus and Miscellaneous Pix

That girl/\ looks like Li Lo?! @ Gezi Bosphorus
Spotless local train with quiet people. I didn't feel dirty after riding like American trains!

Breakfast rap-uP with view of Bosphorus and watching the bird soar the sky over the Bosphorus
 Why go to Paris when we can have all of Turkey!:)


Kitty said...


LURV IT ---wanna go NOW!

theceelist said...

U should seriously its a place u want to not rush so stay for a few weeks so u can sleep late to tk it slow and soak everything up 2 weeks should do it!! FYI taksim is busy area just in case u dnt lk hustle and bustle!

House hotel in nisantasi seems lk a lot of traffic hang out spot. Gezi is newer and more comfy.

Turkey is geniously mapped out and easy to minouver everything is a train or 2 away mostly located along the Bosporus!

theceelist said...

Ok here's an option..

theceelist said...

Kittttttty where arth thou??!! Lol