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Friday, February 10, 2012

Nossa, Nossa !! Ahhh When I Get My Hands On You...

If you know an extreamly hot guy and he's so amazing and you cant wait to get him..Sing and dance this for him...loling....

Nossa, nossa

Assim você me mata
Ai, se eu te pego,
Ai, ai, se eu te pego

Delícia, delícia
Assim você me mata
Ai, se eu te pego
Ai, ai, se eu te pego


Such a fun song!


Kitty said...


Our, our

So you kill me
Oh, if I get caught,
Alas, alas, if I get you

Do i gotta kill da hottie guy cee???


theceelist said...

I guess in s aspects u do kill him...

take him, hypnotize him

steal his heart..

then walk away leaving him longing 4 U..

So yeah I guess so..loling

Kitty said...

hahaha ceeeee

got 2 pracstise dat!

theceelist said...


Ghost Like

Kitty said...

CEEE CEEE... iz cant kill a bug...

theceelist said...

Relationships and love is very time consuming especially if partner is needy azz mamas boy goodness grasious... Lol

So draining, my lord~ lol~ enough to drive 1 insane loling

theceelist said...

He needs to hv a fing hobby sucking all my time away loling