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Friday, February 10, 2012

FACE Stockholm

I really love this color #73. It like fuschia purple pink. I went to the Face Stockholm store two days ago. I like their products. I don't wear powders, unless there's  special occasion .like if I'm on a holiday or going to a special event. The face powder and bronzer I tried I really liked it. It gave my face a sandy smooth desert orangy look I topped the powder with a little bronzer.

For my lips I applied the Cream Blush on Milan. This is a coral red color that's bright and pops ! I was looking for the color that matches the #73 polish but decided on the Milan color instead. Its creamy just like a lip shine.So it can be used for both lips  and blush:)


Kitty said...

CEEEEEZ I lurv dos colours!!!!!

Iz gonna wear dem in da spring!!!


I lurv da weakend!!!!
An now spring erz happy and big sun

theceelist said...

splash of color now is good too

there are many lil store!!

run Kitty RUN!!!)))

Kitty said...

i no ceeeee!!! wez got dat store here!!!

theceelist said...

sooo many locations...itsnot huge or anything but i lk sm of the polish from J crew a few weeks ago..the nude 1.. I really luv it it has this amzzing shine and 1 coat is all u need and last a long time much better than essie!

Kitty said...


beetters dan ESSIE????


guyz gettin makeupped in dat vidc!

theceelist said...

ohh i saw that at the end..i was lk huh

I know guys who get manis and pedies well in some societies it normal for guys to wear make up

lk guys who wear eyeliner is totally

but id b freaked out if a guy were to go buy lipstick or blush but not eveliner..face powders mayb not

Kitty said...

hmmmm ceee....

menz shld look ruggedy an tanned... not szissy w/ makeups!!!

next they wearz highheelz!

theceelist said...

Oh darling lol...


It shows the color strip only , they should fix the site so that the bottle appers because with the color strip u can't grasp the color idk it dsnt show well just go to the store!!

theceelist said...

Sizzy boys

I lk pretty boys lol not sizzy

U know the ones who r well grommed and dsnt mind waiting while I shop and will help me shop and incourage me to go out and pamper myself loling and who lks fashion art and design lol we can hv an awesome time tigether loling

I totally luv that kind of guy