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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monocle's Annual Travel Top 50

Monocle's annual Travel Top 50 introduces you to the world's best hoteliers and leading airlines, airports, operators and chefs. The awards are based on the hundreds of journeys made by the Monocle team over the past twelve months.

 Monocle Video

Monocle's Top 50 is always a pleasure to watch!


Kitty said...

Whoa whoa ho ho ho ho CEEEEE!

COOL places!!!!!

Lurv the groovy trains stations an airzports!!!

theceelist said...

"COOL places!!!!!"...& things to stop / notices if u hv a connecting flight u can lk explore the airport a bit.. I luv the train 2!!

Kitty said...

makes me wanna travel CEEEEEEE!!

theceelist said...

I know I wanna go everywhere, almost:) this pjs in the vid look comfy sm x I travel places to go to sleep lol