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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum in the Netherlands is famous both for its architecture and its exhibitions which attracts a large number of visitors.

It was designed by a team of architects led by Alessandro Mendini a central figure in modern Italian architecture.

The Museum was inaugurated in 1994.

Museumeiland 1

9711 ME Groningen
The Netherlands


Kitty said...



theceelist said...

This vid is really clear and engaging as though I've visiting.. The construction of the musume is really different and colorful!!:)

Kitty said...

I wood lurv to ride my bike round dutchland!!!!

theceelist said...

U should kitty u can rent 1 when u get there or get 1 of thoes fold up 1 put in ur back pack..yeah

Kitty said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh CEEE!!!!

theceelist said...

Ohhhhhhhh YES kitty!! My brother and I were just talking about Americans over consumption of everything eating large quantiries and simply watesfulness.. I really think bickers r amazing & how they mk comuting look so easy!! We hd an hour discussion on bikers and bikes..

biking can add balance and simplicity to ones lifestyle with a Great workout!!:)

Kitty said...

I lurv this 1 CEEEE

happy biking!!!!

theceelist said...

Nice vid!! She convinced me that's 1 sturdy bikes with all the features;)

Tnx for sharing !!;)