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Friday, February 25, 2011

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011


It's really fun to dress up in vibrant colors when the weather is warm. I'm so ready for the spring and summer! This video makes me even more excited for the sunshine and warm days to come:)


Kitty said...


The makeup is gorgeous. Need 2 practice this weekend.

Thank u for puttin it here.

theceelist said...

:) i actually dnt wear mk up dnt worry im sure ur fab just as u r:)


Kitty said...

CEEEE... disaster!

But then it continued. Le Figaro writes (and, again, we translate):

"Shut your mouth, dirty bitch. I cannot tolerate your voice," Galliano yelled. The woman in question [Bloch], who works at The Institut du Monde Arabe, didn't leave. "You are so ugly I cannot even look at you," continued the designer. He added, "You have low-end boots, disgusting thighs. You don't have hair, your eyebrows are ugly, you're disgusting, you're nothing but a bitch." And he finished his diatribe with, "I am the designer John Galliano." He told the woman's companion [Virgiti], "I will kill you." According to the young, female victim, he [Galliano] pushed the provocation up to the point of almost calling his lawyer and offering to give the couple his telephone. The woman refused. After being alerted, the police arrived in several minutes. After being taken to the station and tested, the aggressor [Galliano] tested positive for the "Alcotest" at 1.01g. He passed by Hotel Dieu [Hospital]'s medical service, and was quickly examined but without a blood test. Shortly after his arrest, he was given his freedom. And the designer's chauffeur, who waiting patiently at Hotel Dieu, was given permission to take him home.

theceelist said...

I luv this..""You have low-end boots"

i'm loling my head off..LOL

& hes lk do u know who I am "B"?!..LOL

Kitty said...


I cant get intensity of pirateman out of my MIND!

"LOW END BOOTS!" who give a F#$%?