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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Well Damn!*|/


So, today I went out to lunch alone..I step up to the counter and ask the waiter can I order with out the hassle of the waiter coming by back forth trying  to hike my tab. So I  tell the cashier  "o.k so I'd like margarita pizza with whole cheese and the crispy wings. I'm thinking , oh gosh I can't wait to eat this, so damn bomb! I order to go in the sorta to go side. But pleasantly have a seat alone. I sit down think to myself you know you should do this more often. So my food comes out I told the cute porterican  waitres, OMG all this food for me?this is insane I feel so guilty but why doesn't this come with celery so I can have the illusion of healthiness ," then gives cute lil smile. Yes , you do see not 1 but 2 sides of ranches (I have  thing for ranch quality ranch, if a restaurant has terrible cheap  ranch I'll never return to your restaurant) . So , I sit and eat 2 wings and 3 squares pizza then it's overwhelming great, I felt guilty. Then I tell the girl please can you bring containers, I'll pack it up myself.she was so sweet I didn't  want to bother her, and can u give me ranch to go and a side of hot sauce. I tip her anyway because of her kindness, walk to CB2 home and Deco store as I'm walking I'm debating should I go to Barneys, Sephora or Bloomimgdales. Then I think why do I even have the desire to go to the store. I don't need anything except 2 skirts I saw at J Crew I finally decided I should go to the gym because that was just wrong at that table alone surrounded by all that unhealthy food" yes it's in the fridge but for some reason i feel less guilty eating one piece hours in between. I ran a few miles worked most of the fav is the ab one . It's truly gives instant results along with a nice run. Sum it up , I was all over the damn place today..but it was so fun .  I Finally have time to be randome where time has no harness, a true luxury!! And I relearned what I already know Im so freakin 

( I'm aware of the typos I'll edit later:)

Fun day chillin alone:)