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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hassan Hajjaj

Hassan is a breath of fresh air! Recently (2014-2015) in terms of art,fashion and design, I haven't truly found anything on the web that moves me except the projects I've been working on with my brother, sister Apple products and Hasan Hajjaj's work! In terms of innovations,  the web Is bland. My brother, my nephew are the next in line as a visionaries. I have a picture of my bro in my room as my inspiration. He's an artist , photographer, fashion designer and jewelry maker and we are partners! He says I have a great eye with great ideas and I enhances our brand. Even though we are partners there's a form of competition   between us but we are very loyal to each other. He thinks my lil sister, whose new to the team, is lazy but I tell him to chill just give her a chance. Perhaps, because she's the baby sister of the siblings. When I wake my brother makes me laugh and reminds  me to work hard in all weather conditions. He always has bizarre crazy ideas. He tells me NO one will build their name off of his sweat. I'm the same way but he's a million times intense than I am, imagine that?! Hanging around him you'll become tough and grow thicker skin. I'm less sensitive and I'm not afraid of rejection I just keep the show moving! O.k now you know me a bit better,

Let's do this maaaan 4 we have the treasure which everyone has been searching, inshAllah, bismillAllah  to give the charity, spread the wealth and Al-Haqq (truth)!

 #JustDoIt #Nike...

Installation at Harrods  in London

Oh gosh, I love Hassan's work. finally something I can relate to which inspires me on so many levels!! I'd like to meet him and own a few pieces, inshAllah:)