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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten Travel Tips

1. Try to always fly with the same airline partner and earn more reward points.
Here are a few other things I’ve learned over the years to make travelling easier and more

2. If they don’t stock Worcester sauce, don’t panic. Add a splash of red wine to your
Bloody Mary; you can’t tell the difference. At 9,000 meters, your taste buds are a
blunt instrument.

3. Because of the lack of taste-bud sensitivity, if you want to taste your food you’ll
want to dunk the entire sachet of salt and pepper on your chicken or fish. Maybe
bring your own Tabasco.

4. Don’t ever order the pasta, unless you like chewing cardboard. If you eat Ryvita,
disregard this advice.

5. Always remember to take your ear plugs, even if you don’t intend to sleep on the
plane. The one time you forget them is the time you’ll be seated at the crèche end
of the plane.

6. Before boarding, take everything you need for the flight out of your hand luggage
so you don’t hold everyone up when you get to your seat.

7. When packing a suit jacket, pull the sleeves inside out and roll it up to limit
creasing. Put paper between the layers of clothes in your bag or, better yet,
separate your shirts into individual bags. This will limit creasing, and then you
have a bunch of bags at the end of your trip that you can fill with tourist tat.

8. Get a red cover for your passport – if you’re Swiss, lucky you. Red is the colour
of diplomatic passports. Wave it at immigration and you may be diverted to the
diplomatic and crew queue. Much shorter. When you get there, plead ignorance
and they’ll stamp you and let you pass.

9. Sign up for a retinal scan. There are lots of different names for this system – in the
U.K. it’s called Iris. It means you don’t need to show your passport at the other
end, you just have to stand in front of a computer screen. This can save loads of
time. And it’s also quite James Bond.

10. If you’re flying Business or First, save the “Priority” tag they put on your
suitcase. Next time, if you’re flying Economy, reattach it. (This is particularly
infallible if you’re doing “self check-in.”) Thanks to this little bit of card, your
bag will be first off. And that means you’ll have a jump start on the taxi queue.

Bon voyage.

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Some of those tips are funny:)


Kitty said...

I'm gonana dew #10 every trip!!!!

Let's fly to Bulgaria CEE!!!

theceelist said...

Hellzz yeah yayah do dat bibkat... I'm not so about #9 can that lk mess ur iris up oneday perhaps idk it so new world order lol