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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modern Day Romeo & Juliet THE BREAK UP

To Fair Rosaline,
It appears to me that affection is short-lived,

For my heart to you, I may not give.

Love that moved my every step,

 Is one that seeks in a direction left.

 Be you still of quivering sorrow,

 Forget my name in morning’s next marrow.

 O, if thou eyes ‘gain sail upon my seas,

 I will be the wind that drifts you softly from me.

And if thou tears were to rain in rocky storms,

For you, I will give a new sky to be born.

‘N if thou wants not to choose’st my light,

I will dim my soul as to not seem so bright.

And stay away I, a Montague:

To let your radiance in the night save you through.

And as I do pity thee, I do not regret:

For my love stubbornly lies with another Capulet,

My only, My fairest, My Juliet.


Rosaline's Response/Reaction

"So what are you saying Romeo?..

But I gave you my heart", as she holds it falling to her knees.

She wails in desperation,

laying on the ground moving in a circular clockwise motion.

Then she sits up and pleads to Romeo pounding the ground

As she starts to ripp her cloths grabbing her hair reaching her

arms in the air, and to Romeo.

Then she says....

"Fu** you Romeo I hope you die tonight!"

 Then she quickly changes her mind...

like storm on a cloudless day, mixed emotions, she professes........

-by Cee & Z.A


Kitty said...


R u drinkin tonight honey???

U r silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont worry!

Rosaline feel better tomorrow!!!!

theceelist said...


Kitty said...

Let's c how she feels 2morrw!!!!

Playplayplay CCCC3764

theceelist said...

LOL I was just up till lk 4am highly disturbed last night then the modern rameo & julet cme to my mind this

Kitty said...

Whoa Cee... don't stay up so late!!!

Who is ZA? BF?

theceelist said...

Sm x y not I thinking think clearer wee hours of the night .

Z my bf hum ...amaaaaaaaazing writer, multitalented with genius qualities & great conversationalist !:)

Bibkat Happy Monday ;)

Kitty said...

Pretty 4 us c

Kitty said...


theceelist said...

Hey Kitty!! Beep beep beep toot toot toot cute pumps let's get sm:)

Kitty said...


I luv u gf!

theceelist said...