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Saturday, November 20, 2010


25-year-old Zimbabwean modestly describes the zig-zagging journey that took him from his birthplace in the township of Harare, Zimbabwe, to Hackney via Essex and Camberwell to ultimately, a debut album that's the perfect summary of his life thus far, not to mention his never-say-die outlook.

I can totally relate to these lyrics..LOL


Kitty said...

CEE CEE!!!!!

I had a kalimba once... I loved playing it.... maybe I'll get another one for Chirstmas!!!!!!

Luv this guy!!!! SWEET music!!!

theceelist said...

He's such a great voice a lyrics r catchy too!:)Yeah we should get a kilimba!

Kitty said...

I'll show you how I play CEEEEE.. it's so easssy and makes you happy!!!!

You'll luv it we do some..."!11

theceelist said...

Ok I neveer played it..however my mom use to take up to these lil toy shops with these diff toys from all over the world sso many diff toys and music instruments we use to luv luv going there lk the lil wooden toys asian toys and music instruments talk bout luv then she would take us to this heath food store n buy us nuts and chocolaate raisins snacks.