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Friday, July 23, 2010

Christian Louboutin Talita Small Spiked Clutch


Kitty said...


I looked at this site last night and I think it's WILDDDDDDD!!!

Let's get some and strut around!!!

And shake our booties!!!


theceelist said...

KITTTTTTY My GOsh it is,,LOL its intrestingly tacky fun idk how else 2 esplain lk huh when i went..u know i see the shoes then theres this site! lk huh?? wtf then HA ok!:),lol

yeah kitty lets da dat!")

this bag is the same fun tacky i reall lkit but 1s again it overly priced..i think i see plastic ?/\ there! its diff & cute though!:) ok i bet it cost lk with labor $3 (u know hw they do) and materials um...$30 thats it which means mayb no more than $50..were literaly paying 4 peoples names..which i dnt do 2