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Friday, April 3, 2009

Vashtie Kola

Known as “Downtowns Sweetheart”, Vashtie Kola represents one of New York’s more well known mutli-talented creatives. Taking some time out of her busy schedule, she offers us a glimpse into her everyday life. As well as the reasoning as to why she looked to fashion to go alongside her all ready strong resume which includes video director, party promoter, artist and creative director.

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Kitty said...

"...Also, if you notice, there is a heart on the sleeve on the shirts. I wanted to really brand that, “wearing your heart on your sleeve” idea. As someone who is strong, tough and can hold my own… I can also wear my heart on my sleeve amongst the people closest to me. It’s not an accepted way of living, but I appreciate it because it’s honest. We as a people get caught up in “acting” a part, afraid of people seeing the real you. Obviously, you can’t leave yourself open for hurt, but I find beauty in someone who isn’t afraid of showing how they truly feel."

Neat Cee Cee...

theceelist said...

She's COOL:)