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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Michael Jackson = The Beloved:)

Today I woke up @ 5:00am and thought about Micheal Jackson. For some reason I missed him @ 5:00am. He was such a big part of me, my brothers and sisters childhood. He felt like a part of our family. And when he passed I was deeply sadden for week and in shocked. You see, the thing that captured my heart was his graciousness and for certainly his flyness. And I love his choice of garments!

~ Here's to the greatest artist of all times!!!

Because it's spring time and love is in the air:) 

To my darling who holds the key to my heart and unlock it's many chambers BisouX It's Timeless just like  us:) "awesomely so right" awesmazing

Peep the details in this video!

This video is so cute and Chris Tucker was hilarious. Micheal Jackson's videos were full production. Like a movie which the world eagerly  awaited, just like Bat-Man or Star-Wars. 

This girl he's singing to is SUPER cute..I love her features. I appreciate the organics of this video. He has people of different sizes,ages and races. It's simply unique. One of the things which I find annoying is everything being the same. Now he and his teams knew what they were doing and did it well to perfection. you can't find this anymore in this day and age.

His genorosity put us to shame:)