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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lunch Break with Poundcake

"They should put a couple more mirrors in here so I can stare at myself
These are usually just some thoughts that I would share with myself
But I thought..
It's worth it to share 'em with someone else more than Paris for once
                                  You know it's real when you are who you think you are" Drake's

These are the best lyrics I've heard since The old Eminem . Wuhut...

"My eyes bloodshot but my jet don't lag
A pair of Jordan 3's tryna chase this cash
Gucci air bag just in case we crash
Uh, last night was mad trill
I'm fresh out of advil, Jesus grab the wheel" 

I just might learn to speak Mandarin
Japanese for the yen that I'm handlin'
International Hov, that's my handle
My saint's Sean Don, light a candle
El Gran Santo on the mantle
'Case y'all didn't know, I speak Spanish too
Shoutout to Worldwide Wes
Everywhere we go we leave a worldwide mess
Yes, still Roc La Familia
Says a lot about you if you not feelin' us
The homie said, "Hov, there ain't many of us."
I told him, "Less is more, nigga. It's plenty of us."
Jay Z's

I totally want to become a raper when I listen to this 1