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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Surray Around Town!

I love looking @ magazines and books. They always inspire me with new ideas!

All of the stores above are with-in  3-5min walking distance from the Story Hotel:)!*


Kitty said...

PRETTY COOLZ.... was what ur fav?

Kitty said...


Wha happen to princess?


theceelist said...

The people , when I arrived alon I was trying to find the hotel I ask this guy then this other guy overheard me and took me to the hotel It was lk he was heaven sent or smthing craaaazy cool az he'll .. I hv to send him a thank u card this week he wanted to hang but I remembered wht my mum said loling I could go bk there and just hang with thoze cool azz pep loling

too perfect !!

theceelist said...

Daily mail ..Interesting article!!

theceelist said...

Oh but I scream we scream we all scream 4 Ice cream loling

Kitty said...

What ifs peep is hottie?

den I get away ASAP!

theceelist said...

U tell them wht happens in sweeeeden staaaaaays in Sweden cause y'all to damn sexy in this neck of the woods babbiesssss loling

I'm kidding kitty loling hard