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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Red cropped leather biker jacket. The collar leads into short lapels and a zip fastening front. Epaulettes sit on the shoulders. Zip pockets sit on either side just above the hemline that falls to the waist. Long sleeves with zip fastening on the cuffs.

So guys I have a jacket fetish.. so while in Barneys I was looking at the jackets and I stumbbled across this jacket. I usally hate red for the most( but I LUv coral)lol
I couldn't take my eyes off this 1. It's really soft and fits snugly. I didn't buy  it because cost 3grand,..whoa..however I will accept it as a gift..LOL


Kitty said...

Crazee Cee....

Jumbo $$$$!!!!

theceelist said...

yeah..i "thouth" i saw it cheapper..LOL 4getting 2convet the euros 2 the amriki $$,,LOL lk wht the f..LOL..ive md that mistake a

theceelist said...

kitty i think i hate red so much i may actually luv it..LOL

Kitty said...


You['d look really hothothot in red CEEGURL!!!

STILL SO MANY $$$$$$$$$

theceelist said...

too many $$ in some aspect yes it depends how a person spends.. i think its fine as long as i give 10%