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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ligne Roset

I LUV these shelves!

A highly contemporary international design brand, Ligne Roset is renowned the world over for its collections of cutting-edge furniture and accessories. Collaborations with both internationally recognized and emerging young designers ensure that the collections have a strong design focus and are endlessly innovative.
With a reputation for quality and innovation at every level, Ligne Roset uses traditional savoir-faire coupled with the very latest industrial techniques. Creative research and enduring aesthetics, a combination of wholly-owned stores and a carefully-selected distribution network, together with environmental practices initiated during the 1970’s, and constant communication with the general public through innovative advertising campaigns, have helped to create one of the world leaders of contemporary furniture, with a presence in 70 countries.

Since its conception, Togo has become a veritable design icon, selling more than 1,200,000 pieces worldwide and enjoying uninterrupted success. Emblematic of the Seventies, a sign of times which were changing ‘pour trouver la plage sous les pavés’ (literally, ‘finding the beach beneath the cobbles’), adopted by the hippie generation who adored it for its aspiration to being different and its invitation to laziness, Togo seems to come straight out of a Claire Brétecher drawing. Its compact dimensions and buttoned silhouette have been spotted everywhere, from the lobbies of the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles to the studio of Patrick Eudeline.

 Guys, I am not a furniture person at all..but the Ligne Roset WOWS me:) I  REALLY REALLY like the Togo soooo comfy looking..I'm gonna go check this store out:)


Kitty said...


That chair looks soooooooo comfy!


theceelist said...


I went 2 the store today..its interesting how a well produced vid clip can be effective marketing..i went because of the clip //they wrilled me in..the sales pep were nice...4 me lk good presentation + great customer service=buy or try to buy..ya- na

u know the web site + store deco + product is wht sell it..presentation on point//in actuality the presentation transcends the products..still nice

Kitty said...

That's interesting CEE...

I think that happens alot where the present is better than the product!


theceelist said...

Absolutly.I think lk its important 2 sell an experience..ligne also selling am theyre lk ull find ligne in the Standard Hotel and so stuff..& im lk did I just hear the Stanford?..I luv that place I want it..LOOOOL..we all fall 4