Thursday, September 25, 2014

Milky Chance - Sweet Sun

Have you guys ever met someone or know a person who makes you feel so warm cozy who speaks the most perfect words, and you think 'Sweet Sun'? But you don't want to tell them because things may get weird between you two. In which you are hesitant to say, because you never want it to change or you don't want to put any strain on the friendship. You just want things to be as they are. For example you dont want them to think each time they see you they have to bring you coffe or have to entertain Also, They may not feel the same about you.. Lol Flip sided you feel deeply in a fantasy  making you ponder stoping that very second to let them know. They may not be a person you'd want to merry or even date you just want to be around them almost all the time because they are AMAZING  and all you think is ....

Look At You

"We were the pink gold soldiers of the century of blissful

Look at you!
I am attracted to you like the sun
To the moon and ill be sweeping when i touch the skin
Take your soul into the wide open space I leave
Then we stripped an area so that that you can see
How we explode like the lights in the dark
And how we glow
Like it will never be the truth of the minds that we forget
So let me tell you what i know if I can
you know i try
I never want to leave the bubble we've made when we create"